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SvelteWrap™: Infrared Sauna Blanket for Enhanced Well-being

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"I bought this for a cellular detox I am doing, my detox pathways aren’t so great at getting everything out. I got this to help me and lemme tell you she WORKS! I lay in it with or without my arms in it and by the end I am absolutely drenched!! Has caused my hair to grow faster actually because of blood flow. But my skin is clearer my detox has gone much better and I am down weight! Only thing I would suggest is to wear clothes, socks, long sleeve tshirt and pants to get in because it gets hot and the clothes help sweat more!"

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ - Garnet Keebler
 Verified Buyer


Working from home presents unique challenges, particularly the physical strain from extended periods of desk work. Hours spent in a position lead to stiffness and pain, transforming a productive day into a quest for comfort. This ongoing battle with physical stress often leaves the feeling drained, impacting daily activities and overall happiness.

Introducing SvelteTherm™, the Infrared Wellness and Recovery Sauna Blanket, a revolutionary solution to combat daily stress and muscle fatigue. Utilizing advanced infrared technology, it efficiently provides deep, soothing warmth, aiding in muscle relaxation, pain relief, and improved circulation. Embrace a lifestyle of rejuvenation and enhanced well-being with SvelteTherm™, transforming daily life positively.

REASONS WHY SvelteTherm™

✅ Deep Muscle Relaxation: The far infrared technology in SvelteTherm™ effectively penetrates muscles, providing essential relief from tension and stress. Ideal for home-based environments, this relaxation aids in unwinding after long hours of work.

✅ Enhanced Circulation: Using SvelteTherm™ regularly boosts blood flow, critical for maintaining physical health during extended periods of sedentary work. This improved circulation helps in reducing stiffness and enhancing overall body functions.

✅ Effective Detoxification:
SvelteTherm™ encourages the body’s natural process of detoxification through sweating. This regular elimination of toxins is vital for sustaining a healthy lifestyle, especially when physical activity is limited.

✅ Skin Health Improvement: The use of SvelteTherm™ contributes to healthier and more radiant skin, adding a wellness aspect to personal care routines. This skin rejuvenation is a welcome benefit for those balancing work with self-care.

✅ Calorie Burning: While providing relaxation, SvelteTherm™ also aids in passive calorie burning. This feature is especially beneficial for those looking to maintain a balanced lifestyle, offering a simple yet effective approach to health management.


HOW SvelteTherm™ WORKS  

1. Infrared Heating: SvelteTherm™ uses far-infrared heat that penetrates deep into the body, helping to relax muscles, ease tension, and provide soothing warmth.

2. Detoxification: SvelteTherm™ raises your core temperature, promoting sweating and the natural expulsion of toxins and heavy metals from the body.

3. Skin Rejuvenation: Infrared frequencies of SvelteTherm™ stimulate skin cell regeneration, improving skin wellness and resilience, enhancing overall skin health.

4. Calorie Burn: By raising the heart rate, SvelteTherm™ aids in burning calories, supporting weight management goals, and contributing to a healthier lifes

We understand the challenges of working from home, particularly the physical discomfort from long hours at a desk. It can be both distracting and debilitating, as stiffness and pain creep in, turning what should be a productive day into a struggle for comfort. Surprisingly, studies have found that nearly 80% of remote workers report experiencing physical pain due to poor ergonomics or prolonged sitting.


With SvelteTherm™, find an ideal solution for common discomforts. Its advanced far infrared technology is designed to specifically target and alleviate muscle stiffness and stress. Imagine the transformation in daily life, as SvelteTherm™ not only alleviates physical discomfort but also enhances overall well-being, making each day more productive and fulfilling.


Length: 70.8 inches (180 cm)
Width: 31.5 inches (80 cm)
Weight Capacity: 440.9 pounds (200 kg)
Power: 650W
Color: Silver


1 x FlexiHeat™ Infrared Wellness and Recovery Sauna Blanket
1 x Power Adapter
1 x Main Frame
1 x Remote Control (Note: Button battery not included)
1 x Instructional Manual
2 x Fuses

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